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Fired with success at East Whitby Community Primary School

                                  Case Study

HCS Mechanical services overhauled the heating system at East Whitby Community Primary School in just 16 weeks in a commission valued at over half a million pounds.

Our ethos is to ensure our team completes commissions fast and effectively - and to the highest standards and with minimum disruption. This is never more important than in a school where the wellbeing and comfort of staff and pupils is paramount.                                 

Our skilled and experienced team of six in-house engineers, together with specialist contractors, removed the school’s existing heating system and replaced it with a modern, energy efficient one, complete with a mix of radiator and fan converter emitters.

East Whitby Community Primary School, which was founded in 1950, offers both a caring and nurturing environment where all pupils are helped to aim high. Headmaster, Simon Smith, commented: “HCS Mechanical Services has a strong reputation in this area and the team completed the project and installed our upgraded heating system with minimum disruption.”


Client: East Whitby Community Primary School

Project: Removal and replacement of heating system

Project value: £500,000